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Last year, more than 77,000 men and women from 160 countries registered for the inaugural TOBVC, making it the largest Catholic Conference in 2020!

Hosted by Theology of the Body Institute, the TOB Virtual Conference features dozens of prominent speakers and artists  — showing how Theology of the Body applies to everyday life, how it will transform your prayer life, how it can bring healing of the deepest wounds in yourself and with others, and how it will bring your Catholic faith alive in new and brilliant ways. 


Jesus’ first words in the Gospel of John are: “What are you looking for?” We invite you to take this weekend to unite with tens of thousands of men and women around the world who are looking for the joy and fulfillment that Christ holds out for each of us. Invite your family and friends and log in at any time during the weekend to start your conference!


What Is New This Year?


In addition to all new talks from our wide variety of world-renowned speakers, who will range from testimonies to more direct formation on Theology of the Body, we have four additional special tracks this year:


Intro TOB


New to Theology of the Body? This collection of talks is perfect for you! Learn about TOB through this collection of talks.

St. Joseph Track

View a special collection of reflections focused on St. Joseph’s life and example illuminated through the Theology of the Body lens.

Religious Track

Join priests, deacons, and religious as they dive deep into how Theology of the Body impacts their prayer, identity and their vocational mission.



 This year’s TOB Virtual Conference will feature a Spanish-language track of nearly two dozen speakers curated by Evan Lemoine of Amar al Maximo!

Conference Presenters

We've gathered some of the world's prominent evangelists to share their stories of how Theology of the Body has transformed their lives:

  • Christopher West

  • Jason Evert

  • Bill Donaghy

  • Jen Settle

  • Damon Owens

  • Fr. Timothy Gallagher

  • Dr. Bob Schuchts

  • Brian Butler

  • Evan Lemoine

  • Jason Clark

  • Jeanette Clark

  • Katrina Zeno

  • Fr. Thomas J. Loya

  • Rose Sweet

  • Dawn Hausmann

  • Emily Byers

  • Fr. Brett Brannen

  • Fr. Cliff Ermatinger

  • Fr. John Linden

  • Deacon David & Beth Zanotelli

  • Abbey Foard

  • Grace Panagsagan

  • Rea Santos

  • Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC

  • Anastasia Northrop

  • Patty Schneier

  • Jen Messing

  • Simon Carrington

  • Brendan McCauley

  • Scott Hahn

  • Sr. Helena Burns, fsp

  • Fr. Ryan Mann

  • Dr. Gregory Bottaro

  • Hudson Byblow

  • Anna Carter

  • Fr. Tim Oudenhoven

  • Monica Ashour

  • Sr. Joseph Andrews

  • Fr Tim Christy

  • Sr. Bethany Madonna

  • Deacon Br. Cassian Edwards

  • Amanda Zurface

  • Kat Harris

  • Francine & Byron Pirola

  • Joy Katigbak

  • Andrew Comiskey

  • Chris Padgett

  • Jackie Francois

  • Bill Beckman

  • Fr Paul Houlis

  • Dr. Edward Sri

  • Elizabeth Busby

  • Fr. Jacques Philippe

  • Matt & Erin Ingold

  • Colin Nykaza

  • Cristina M. Barba

  • Lindsay Fay

  • Laura Strietmann

  • Steve Ray

  • David Clayton

  • Sr. Elizabeth Beussink

  • Mother Theodora

  • Fr. Boniface Hicks

  • Bishop Donald Hying

  • Fr. Jon Schnobrich

  • Abigail Favale

  • Mike St. Pierre

  • Kevin Muico

  • Rachel Arguelles

Spanish Speakers:

  • Evan Lemoine

  • Fr. Jorge Fraile

  • Andrés O'Hagan

  • Juan José Blázquez

  • P. Adolfo Güemez, LC

  • Andrés O'Hagan

  • Fr. Leandro Bonnin

  • Fernanda Gómez

  • Claudia Pérez

  • Rebeca Barba

  • María Fernanda Quinteros

  • Nicté Sánchez

  • Eduardo D'Agostino

  • Ana Patty Fajer

  • Elisa Montesinos

  • Fr. Leandro Bonnin

  • Claudia Pittaluga

  • Estela Sarasola

  • Sofía Váldez

  • Yoshie Álvarez

  • Rafael Gil

  • Maríandrea Cortés

  • Karina Barba

Artistic Contributions By:

  • Mike Mangione

  • Cory Heimann

  • Javi & Katia Samayoa

  • Rachel Mosley

  • David Clayton

  • Dave Leiberg

  • The Mosleys

  • Br. Vince Mary Carrasco OFM Cap

  • Monsignor Michael Carruthers

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